Frequently asked questions

How can I create a video from a World Of Warships game?

You need to upload your replay (saved game) here. Replays are files that are stored under the replays folder which is located in your World Of Warships installation folder. They have a file extension of wowsreplay and they usually are a few megabytes in size.

What are all those options in the replay upload page?

A saved replay file contains the information required to relive the battle. However, options like the language used to announce messages or the music mode are controlled by the game client itself. When you upload your replay to, we have no idea what your configuration is so to create the battle video, we use default values. You can change these defaults before uploading your replay in order to let us know what sound and voice options you'd like us to use when generating your video.

I got a message "You are out of upload credits". What gives?

There is an initial limit to the number of replays everyone can upload. This is to ensure that the service is not flooded with too many requests. When you register, you get 5 replays. If you run out, a backend process will replenish your limit on a daily basis by making sure that every day you get at least 2 more replays.

What happens when I upload a replay?

The video generation is not instant and your replay goes through a few steps before it becomes available. Initially the replay is waiting to be processed by a video capture server. Once a capture server becomes available, the replay goes into processing until the video is generated. Then, once the video is generated it is uploaded to permanent storage so that it becomes available to all users. The whole process can take some time depending on the number of replays that are in the queue for processing and the length of the replay battle.

My replay is in status "Error". What happened?

Most likely, you have uploaded a replay that was generated by a version of World Of Warships that we cannot support. At the moment, we can only capture videos of replays generated by the latest version of the game.

Are my replays public?

Yes. Once successfully captured, videos of replays are public and available for searching through the search engine. The URL of the detailed replay page is sharable with the world.

What other information do you generate from a saved replay?

We permanently save the replay file which can always be downloaded. Videos of replays are saved for a period of 5 days, after which they are permanently deleted. We also try to generate the following artifacts:

  • A list of generic information about the replay, like the name of the player, the battle type, the ship being played, the battle result and the game version.
  • An end screen that resembles the end screen of the game.
  • A video minimap render of high quality. This is possible due to the awesome work of Minimap Renderer.
  • On demand, we can also generate a list of stats of the players that participated in the battle. This is possible using the War Gaming API and the work of WOWS numbers. Generation of stats for a battle can take some time the first time it is calculated.

Why are generated videos being deleted after 5 days?

To keep the costs down. Storage is cheap - however, on average a single video can cost up to $1 per year to keep it stored, so having thousands of videos stored forever can become expensive.

What are all those incomprehensible icons in the replay page?

The replay page shows the automatically generated end screen and the battle minimap. The icons displayed in the Replay Information tab can be used for the following purposes:

  • - Click to go to the video generated from the replay.
  • - Click to download the replay file.
  • - Click to generate an alternate end screen for the replay.
  • - Click to see statistics of the players that participated in the battle.
  • - If the replay hasn't been uploaded to YouTube, this will lead you to the YouTube upload page. Otherwise, it will lead you to the YouTube page of the battle.
  • - Click to edit the generated video.

What are player stats for a battle?

These are basic statistics of the players participating in the battle. They are calculated upon request once and are not updated. Therefore the statistics will be inaccurate as participants may have played more games since the battle has taken place. Additionally, the statistics displayed for each player are for Random Battles only.

Thanks to WOWs numbers for providing the information on PR calculation.

How can I upload a battle to YouTube?

Once a video is generated, you can upload it to your YouTube channel by clicking on the YouTube icon. You will be asked to temporarily allow us to upload to your YouTube channel on your behalf. Note that, once you upload a video to YouTube we erase it from our servers and keep a permanent link to the YouTube URL.

Can I edit the video?

While the video is still present, you can use the site to perform basic editing. This is limited to attaching images and/or videos before and after the generated video. You can upload up to 100MB of images and/or videos that can be used in video editing. After editing, the original video is erased and is substituted with the newly created video.

Do you have a donations page?

Yes, you can find that here.